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It's my birthday today! For lunch I'm having a picnic with friends from work and later, Ian is cooking Tofu Tikka Masala...a new-to-us tofu version of the recipe that Alicia likes. I, like Alicia, am obsessed with making our Indian dishes taste EXACTLY like they do at the Indian restaurant that we used to go to all the time before we moved. So far, close but not quite. But maybe this is THE recipe? Maybe this will make all my dreams come true? I think Ian is feeling the pressure but I'm not worried. Each time we're one step closer. Last time we made our own paneer!

I put together a birthday fabric bundle at Hawthorne Threads...a lot of Cotton + Steel prints and some other coordinating fabrics. For the past few weeks, I've been obsessed with the color combination of mint, peach, mustard and navy. I've never been obsessed with any of those colors before...this is so weird and new!

I also bought a yard of Picnic Basket in Blue by Melody Miller. I'm going to make a Jane Market Bag just for picnics this summer. Oh yes, that is happening!

In other birthday-related news, my friend Sara sent me three knitting patterns by Martina Behm. I love ALL her patterns and I'm so excited to add these to my collection. I'm not sure which I'll start first...they'll all make lovely and wearable shawls. I already have a few skeins of yarn in mind. Thank you again, Sara!

What a lovely day!

Also, I've received a few inquiries about the fabric I ordered...from left to right starting at the top:

1. Michael Miller House Designer, Sea Buddies, New Wave in Peach
2. Carolyn Friedlander, Architextures, Crosshatch in Tangerine
3. Bonnie Christine, Sweet as Honey, Honey House in Peach
4. Leah Duncan, Morning Walk, Sahuaro Picks in Pale
5. Leah Duncan, Morning Walk, Wispy Daybreak in Aura
6. Bonnie Christine, Sweet as Honey, Honey House in Sunflower
7. Melody Miller, Mustang, Star in Mustard
8. Cotton and Steel House Designer, Dottie, Dottie in Goldilocks
9. Sarah Watts, August, Diamond Back in Aqua
10. Rashida Coleman Hale, Mochi, Dotties Cousin in Mint
11. Joel Dewberry, True Colors, Herringbone in Turquoise
12. Joel Dewberry, Botanique, Mosaic Bloom in Teal
13. Rashida Coleman Hale, Mochi, Dotties Cousin in Teal
14. Sarah Watts, August, Mezzanine in Aqua
15. Cotton and Steel House Designer, Dottie, Dottie in Jean Jacket
16. Tula Pink, True Colors (Tula Pink), Making Waves in Navy
17. Kimberly Kight, Cookie Book, Ghost Saltines in Dark Navy
18. Sarah Watts, Honeymoon, Colibri in Neutral
19. Rashida Coleman Hale, Zephyr, Whirlwind in Dust
20. Riley Blake Designs, Le Creme Basics, Swiss Dot On Cream in Gray


  1. that food looks absolutely delicious! love your fabric bundle too. i'm finding myself loving mint and pale blush pink lately. something must be in the water.

  2. Ugh where did my comment go? Stupid phone! Happy Belated! Sorry I forgot. I'm a loser! Love the color combo! Reminds me of Tula's colors in a way. The yellows are new. Excited to see what you come up with!

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day!!!


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