Cozy and Bright

juniper kitty

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December has been so very happy. And busy and foggy and bright and cozy. In between performances of A Christmas Carol and Bulgarian folk dances, Christmas Story musicals and holiday parties, I've been finishing up holiday gifts and decorating our little apartment.

I'm sewing Miss Juniper Kitty for Ian's niece Olivia. Alicia's patterns for these dolls are so amazing. I'm making an extra dress and a shawl for Miss Juniper Kitty to give to last year's Miss Maggie Rabbit. I'm so obsessed with these dolls. I do not normally enjoy making tiny dolls and things but for some reason, I LOVE making THESE tiny dolls and things. Alicia's creations are so beautiful and inspiring. I want to make more tiny things like crocheted blankets or patchwork quilts or knitted sweaters.

In other crafting news, I'm two thirds finished with the fisherman's rib scarf for my dad. My hands are tired but I must keep knitting. I'm going to knit until the night of December 22 and however far I get is however long the scarf will be. It'll stretch when it's blocked so that will have to do.

Just 10 days until my parents come into town for the holidays. I'm looking forward to making the apartment cozy and warm and baking cookies and thinking up fun snacks for us to eat while watching fun movies. It's going to be so nice.