In the year 2011

In case you didn't already know, I have an ongoing resolution to live fabulously!

I usually avoid setting goals or defining what I mean by "fabulous" but this year I feel compelled to focus my efforts just a teensy bit. In the broadest sense, I'd really love to spend more time creating, reading, nurturing relationships and getting healthy.

walking at night

The first is easy because it's what I want to do almost all the time. You haven't seen them yet (so you might not believe me) but I have half a dozen quilt tops finished. They're hanging in the "closet of no obligations" right this very minute! With the hard part behind me, I feel confident in my ability to complete at least one quilt a month for the next year. How sweet would that be?

walking at night

Reading and relationships will go hand in hand as my friend Karrie, her mom Janet and I are starting a monthly dinner/book club. Up first is Freedom by Jonathan Franzen.

Karrie and I are also planning more fancy French dinners and Ian and I are thinking about meeting up with his parents in London this summer. I'm excited for all the adventures to start!

walking at night

Aside from a brief period in my early 20's, my health has always been my lowest priority. This year, though, there just might be a light on the horizon. There's a good chance that our old ballroom dance teacher will start giving lessons again. He just finished renovating his house to include a ballroom so that would be awesome!

In other dancing news, I've decided to take beginner ballet lessons for adults at a dance studio in Minneapolis. I've never danced ballet before so it will be a new and challenging experience. The adult classes are not competitive and many people go simply for the exercise. I'm hoping to increase my flexibility and strength. Added bonus would include grace and poise like elegant silver-screen actress or similar. Not to mention the eventual dancing in pink satin pointe shoes...well, a girl can dream anyway.

My first class will be January 6th! Added bonus: Karrie has volunteered to go with me, at least for the first class to see how we like it. I desperately hope I like it because it just doesn't feel like exercise when you're dancing.

walking at night

I'm fairly certain I won't have anything to blog about until after the new year. Ian and I are busy preparing for our Lord of the Rings movie marathon this weekend. We already have breakfast and second breakfast planned but we're stuck on elevensies.

Anyway, I hope you all have a fun, cozy and safe weekend. I'll see you next year!