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Remember back in 2012/2013 when everyone was making Scrappy Trip Around the World quilts? There was a Scrappy Trip-along hosted on flickr and it was all so exciting!

I started my scrappy trip quilt bright and early New Year's day, 2013. I was planning to make 36 blocks in a 6x6 layout. I cut 1,296 squares out of 156 different fabrics and whipped up a few blocks and was totally in love!

And then the thing that happens every time happened: I got bored and put it away. For years.

Last year I went through a phase of wanting to finish up old projects. I found my scrappy trip blocks and stacks of 2.5" squares and started whipping up a few new blocks...only to remember why I quit in the first place. All those tiny squares! Sometimes that's fine and sometimes they just grate on your nerves!

I went back and forth about how to make the quilt bigger without making more blocks. Maybe alternate with 12" squares? In the end, I decided to just make a tiny quilt and stop worrying about it.

I think that is probably, for the most part, the way to go. Large quilts are great but so are small quilts. There's always a picnic or a baby shower or a lap that needs warming and sometimes bigger isn't better.

I do love the look of this quilt, though. I love the riot of color and the diamond quilting (which would have been hard on a larger quilt!).

I also loved using this great print on the back, lots of pink and green to match the front and so pretty. My friend Linda loved this one as well so she has it now. She has a tiny apartment and a tiny couch and needs tiny blankets. See, I told you that was a thing!


  1. i still have a scrappy trips top waiting to be quilted. so wait, you pieced individual 2" squares into blocks? or did you use the strip piecing method from Bonnie Hunter?

    1. At the time, I hated seam ripping more than anything else in the world so I didn't use the strip piecing method. I just cut up 6 squares of each color and sewed them together into a 36 patch. Probably a bad idea, that's a lot of extra work for sure.


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