Orange + Pink Forever!

I can't really remember when I started making this quilt. What I do remember is being inspired by all the orange and pink prints in my stash. I mean prints with both orange and pink in them. One day I looked and I just had a ton!

It turns out that I love buying multi-colored prints but I don't really use them. Which is a shame because they're so pretty!

This is a really great pattern for stashbusting. The large squares are great for showing off large-scale prints and for using larger scraps. And the 9-patches are great for using up smaller scraps. I also like the idea of alternating large squares with 25-patch blocks. There are lots of possibilities!

This quilt has inspired me to get back to stashbusting. I have some ideas for simple and fun stashbusting quilts that are designed to show off the multi-colored and/or large scale prints in my stash. It would be really nice to start using up fabric that's been in my stash for years. Exciting!