Twinkling Stars

Have you met Jen, my very best quilting friend in all the land?

Jen and I have spent countless hours planning quilts, talking about fabric, calculating sizes, working through ideas. We talk about more than just quilts, of course. And she even talked me into going on a cruise and we had so much fun!

Our friendship started after she found my blog years ago. I remember she emailed me and it was so funny...she basically said "I've decided we're going to be friends."

And that was fine with me!

One of our best crazy quilt schemes was inspired by the Twinkling Stars quilt by The Little Red Hen. We both really wanted to make this quilt and we got the idea to share stars. I'd make enough for a quilt and send her half my stars. And she'd send half of hers.

Friendship quilts are so much better than friendship necklaces!

For Christmas 2015, Jen sent me her stars...only, she sent me ALL of her stars. Rather than sending half back to her, I decided to send a finished quilt instead.

I had such a fun time making this quilt! I backed it with all the mustard roses print I had left in my stash and filled in the rest with scraps. And check out that sweet Anna Maria Horner plaid binding! My favorite binding ever!

Jen loves her quilt which makes me so happy! And I'm excited to make mine someday, maybe this year? My plate is filling up quickly, I have 5 quilts I want to finish this weekend which means, of course, I might finish one.

This is officially my first finished quilt of 2017. I finished 15 last year (and 15 the year before that) you think I can finish more than that this year? I hope so!!


  1. I love it so much! THANK YOU! Seriously one the best gifts I've ever received! I love our friendship! I can't believe it's been 10 years already!! Isn't that crazy!


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