Red and White

I love red and white quilts. I know that red and white quilts have been popular for forever but I really don't know anything about the historical significance. What I do know is that I've loved pretty much every red and white quilt I've ever seen and hoped to someday make one for myself.

red white

I'm happy to say that in September of 2016 I got close to accomplishing that goal. I did manage to make a red and white quilt, but instead of making it for myself, I gave it away to a friend.

My friend Linda had a bad accident this past summer and I thought a quilt was just the thing to cheer her up. Bright, cheery reds? Check! Simple pattern? Check! Non-wiggly quilting (Linda hates "wiggly" quilting)? Double check!!

red white2

I LOVE this quilt. I love simple squares and the checkerboard effect is just so satisfying. Also, I used up a great many number of my red prints. As sad as I was to see some of them go, I just knew they had to go in this quilt. It was time.

red white3

I was worried that some of the fabric would bleed, especially since I had issues on my last mostly white quilt AND the back for this quilt was also made out of red fabric. But, everything looked just fine.

To keep the contrast high, I choose only fabrics with little touches of white. But I just had to make an exception for my favorite kerchief girls. I look at this quilt and just feel happy, feel a sense of calm and accomplishment. I love how a simple quilt can do all that.

red white4


  1. it's gorgeous! amazing how sophisticated simple patchwork can look in a limited color palette.


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