Stashbusting - Why?!

Alright, first things first: why am I doing this?

There are three main reasons. First, I feel I simply have too much fabric. Not just space-wise, the amount of fabric I have is cluttering my mind as well as the sewing room. I feel overwhelmed, I'd like to use some shelves for other things but I can't because there's just so much fabric. I don't want my stash to feel like a burden and sadly, I feel like that's what it's become.

fabric stash3
I tuck my scissors, rotary cutter and tape measure in one of the scrap bins when not in use. I'd really love to have a dedicated shelf for my most frequently used tools and rulers.

Second, I would like to buy pretty new fabric but I can no longer justify doing so while my shelves are bursting at the seams (plus, I did spend a disgusting amount of money on the fabric I already have). I loved all these fabrics when I bought them and now they sit, neglected. And when I say neglected, I mean it: some fabrics have been untouched so long that they have faded along the fold. That's bad! I don't have the space in my tiny house to store fabric I'm never going to use. So, I can either use it or give it away. I'm choosing to try to use it: to finally work with my long hoarded favorites, to make useful and pretty things for other people and to make room in my house for new fabrics that are more my style these days.

fabric stash2
This is my much hoarded Heather Ross and Tula Pink fabric collection (plus some Erin Michael's Lush reprints, love those!) Also lurking on the shelves are some wips, some Liberty of London fabric that I just bought on my trip and some giveaway prizes, more info on that soon.

The third reason is one I always seem to forget: I'm more creative when I'm forced to use what I have. I love the idea of making do, of using up every last bit. I love the challenge, I love how an original idea morphs into something new, all because of what I do or don't have available to use. I feel free, I can be myself, wing it, go with my gut, go with my heart. It's exhilarating! And because of all that, those kinds of quilts are always my favorite, both the process and the product.

Later this week I'll talk about some of my plans for stashbusting. I'm already feeling quite inspired!