Stashbusting - Priorities

So, we all know I have a lot of fabric and will be able to make a ton of quilts with it. But, if I go about this stashbusting thing without at least a bit of a plan, I might end up with more challenges than necessary.

First, I need to take stock of finished quilt tops and think about what kinds of fabrics I'll need to finish them. Do I have appropriate (in my world that means matching) fabrics for backing and binding? Some of my quilt tops are really old and I don't have many of those fabrics anymore. But if I do (or if there are other good color matches), I will probably want to set those aside to use in the backing or binding.

After that I need to plan for any projects or quilts that require large cuts of fabric. I'd better make them or reserve the fabric now before those pieces get cut up into bits.

log cabin top

This quilt top, for example, was one I made years ago and I have very few of the original fabrics left to use for the back. Fortunately, I found this really great Heather Bailey print that matches well. I might not want to work on finishing this quilt right away but I'll make the back and binding now and then store it with the top.

This weekend I'll be making quilt backs and doing some quilting. I'll be back next week with ideas for ways to use up a fabric stash as well as a finished quilt of two. Why can't it be Friday already??