Stashbusting - Bindings

Do you forget about bindings until you're done quilting and then are all like "what the heck am I going to do about binding this thing?"

Because I do! I don't know why because it's a pretty important/obvious part of the quilting process. But, most times, that's exactly how it happens. Sometimes I'll have what I need in my stash, sometimes I buy fabric to match.

Bindings take 1/2yd to 1yd of fabric depending on the size of the quilt. That makes bindings a great stashbusting opportunity, especially since you have to do it anyway.

I love using solids for bindings (red seems to be my favorite):



Or solids accented with prints if I don't quite have enough (sometimes I add in a print even if I DO have enough, I just love how it looks):


Nicey Jane Quilt

My new favorite binding is gingham (or other plaids) cut on the bias. It takes a little more work to cut and I have to take more care when I handle it so it doesn't stretch but I think it's totally worth it.

lake quilt

Moonrise Kingdom Quilt
I didn't have to bias cut this one since the plaid was diagonal to begin with.

I'm pretty particular about my bindings matching the quilt. Binding is the frame, it ties everything together. The wrong fabric could just ruin a beautiful quilt, right? Maybe not, I guess we'll see what happens when I get to that point. I'm actually kind of excited to try a scrappy binding and also maybe a contrasting binding. Can I bring myself to do it? I might not have a choice.


  1. I love the bindings! That is one thing I've never gone out to buy. I can always find something in my stash that will work. I rarely do solid but sometimes if I have no pattern that will work, then I do. If I do a pattern of some sort, I use a small scale print, polka dots (that was my fave for a long time!), plaid, or some sort of check or stripe. I love going through all my fabrics and then finding one that is "just perfect". I almost always luck out. I really want to get back to quilting. You're inspiring me to go through my stash and just start creating. Even the simplest quilts can look awesome and what a great way to use up fabric!


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