kal quilt

Do you remember Don't Call Me Betsy's Kaleidoscope Quilt Along from way back in 2011? I do because I actually joined it and actually finished the quilt top in a timely manner. It was the summer I turned 30 and I was laid off of work for three weeks because of the MN government shutdown. It was the best three weeks of my life! It was super hot and muggy outside the whole time so I just stayed in, sewing all day, every day!

kal quilt 2

At some point between 2011 and now, I decided that the quilt top was too small and, even though I can't actually remember doing this, I added a piano key border around the whole thing. I'm so happy I did because I think the border really finished the quilt. I'm not usually into borders but I really think this quilt just needed one. That and it's now large enough to use on the bed!

kal quilt3

The back is this really great Valori Wells flannel and since I wanted it to be a light summer quilt (haha, I know, flannel is not a summery fabric), I skipped the batting.

The binding is my favorite, bias cut gingham, in orange no less! How cheery! I didn't have quite enough so I filled in the gaps with a peachy orange Kona cotton...Mango, I think?

kal quilt5

I'm keeping this quilt for myself because it reminds me of an old wooden loveseat we used to have in our backyard growing up. It had big puffy cushions and my mom made the covers out of a vintage sheet, all yellow and orange, flowers and butterflies. The fabric was worn smooth and soft through years of use and it always felt cool on hot days. In the summertime, we'd lounge around in the shade under the tree and read books. I remember that I was sitting on this couch when I learned to embroider, a unicorn kit that my aunt brought for me one day, just because she thought I might enjoy it. That was the very start of it all: my love for sewing, reading, lounging, sun falling through leaves, cool summer breezes. And this quilt feels like that...a kaleidoscope of memories...and that's exactly what I wanted.


  1. I love this!!!! And I really love that border! I usually don't do borders either and this one looks really nice to add some width and length! You already know I LOVE these fabrics! I especially love the backing! I think this is so cheery and bright and so perfect for a summer quilt! Your bed is a queen, right? Sometimes I wish I had a smaller bed so I could make a ton of quilts for it…oh wait…that would mean I'd be closer to Sean snoring in my face. Never mind.


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