Meet my newest obsession: tweed yarn! It's a little rustic, a little posh and it looks amazing in all the colors.

The pink skein was made for my friend Sara who is after the perfect pale blush pink yarn for a pair of socks. While I didn't hit it exactly, I think it's still a very pretty color. The yarn has it's own natural grey color that I'll need to remember to compensate for in the future.


I made the blue-green skein for my sister in law who loves the sun and the ocean and is moving to a very un-sunny Holland next month. If I didn't think I could dye another near identical skein, I would probably not have been able to give it away. I LOVE this color so much!


Tweed minis are my new favorite way to use up dye in the pot once a dyeing session is finished. I just pop one in at the end and let it soak up every last bit of dye rather than dumping it out. I love how the flecks in the yarn really spruce up an otherwise nice but plain color. I especially love that little mint-chocolate chip skein!

One unexpected consequence of dyeing yarn is that my studio is super messy! I have my quilting stuff out all the time and now the dyeing stuff is there too and the yarn and the fabric are all piled on top of each other and I can't find anything and I'm feeling a little flustered because of the mess.

AND! Ian just informed me that he would like to use the elliptical machine so now I have to find a new place for all my quilt tops and random cuts of fabrics. The nerve!

I'm going to spend some time tonight and tomorrow straightening up and organizing and getting rid of things and prioritizing some projects. There's a very special quilt I'd love to finish up this weekend so I can mail it out next week. Also, Ian and I are going to the Friends School plant sale one morning to buy our balcony plants. I'm mostly excited for the fresh kettle corn and that for the first time in years, we should actually have nice weather. I would also like to grill tofu and veggie skewers one night for dinner.

Ooo...I'm so excited for my three day weekend to start! I did mention there would be kettle corn, right?!


  1. Thank you again for the yarn, and that blue skein is gorgeous too. have a great weekend!


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