Modern Meadow

modern meadow2

I've never been a finisher. I'd start projects with wild abandon and rarely would I see anything through. But at some point, something changed. I just got tired. Tired of the inspiration overload, tired of the intoxicating idea of something new, tired of buying fabric all the time. Rather than being fun and invigorating, it just got old.

modern meadow

I've spent the past year focusing more on finishing things. I hauled out all my quilt tops, all my wips. I prioritized, I made a plan for finishing quilts. My goal was to finish one a month, not really a challenge considering that all I have left to do on most of them is to baste and quilt.

modern meadow3

So far, so good! Last year I completed 15 quilts, most of which were wips. In 2016 I have already finished 8.

modern meadow4

This little quilt is one of my favorites (do I say that every time?) It started as a pile of Modern Meadow scraps that I got in a destash sale. I added in some of my own Modern Meadow scraps and sashed the whole busy, lovely thing with my favorite print (Dogwood, I think). It's backed in a Heather Bailey flannel, a perfect match for those Modern Meadow colors. Now it's at its new home and being snuggled by a lovely little girl and her new kitty cat.

Bit by bit, I am finishing all the things. And it feels great!


  1. This is so pretty! You are doing SO GOOD finishing up stuff! Even though I don't have many WIPS (only a few actually) I feel like such a loser bc I haven't sewn in SO LONG! I have 3 that HAVE to be done by mid July! Guess I better get busy!


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