I did some more yarn dyeing this weekend. This time my goal was to not over-dye the yarn. I wanted mostly white with bits of color. It was really, really hard and I didn't do all that well. This burgundy/pink/green ended up being my favorite of the bunch.


I'm using my minis to knit what my friend Sara calls: Frankensocks. I start with a grey toe, then knit with a color until I get bored or run out of yarn, knit 5 rows of grey and then pick another color. I really like how they're turning out.


No two socks will match but by winter I hope to have a stack of socks that I can wear while walking to/from work. 2 miles in the snow makes for great wool sock-wearing conditions.

I still loving yarn dyeing! I just ordered some undyed tweed yarn that I've been obsessing over. It'll be my first time dyeing an entire skein. Scary but exciting!


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