Catching Up







dove hill

crab apples


It's been an odd month. It snowed one week and there were flowers the next. I've been working on projects but not really finishing anything. I've been feeling alternately hopeful and dejected. Like how one day I was super excited to start an amazing yarn dyeing business and the next I was crying because I wasn't qualified to be a national park ranger and I'd never be able to fulfill my lifelong (reality: minute-long) dream of saving a baby falcon from the side of a cliff.

Oh dear, how life is filled with unexpected feelings! I'm beginning to question what I want this little life of mine to be, where I want to go, what I want to do. And it's stressful because I just don't know right now. And I don't know when I will know or what I have to do to figure it out. Do I even want to figure it out? I think I might rather make delicious pizzas with Ian and knit socks all day long. Can there even be something better than that?

Who can even know but at least I'm trying. I'll be back later this week with some project updates...that always makes me happy so it's a good place to start.