3.25 Socks

So far, I've knit 3.25 socks in about a month. Not bad at all! I'm loving this one-at-a-time, non-matching sock thing! Of course, I'm getting very little else done but that's alright. If I'm going to start dyeing full skeins of sock yarn, I need to know how the yarn will look knit up.


I'm learning a lot about dye placement through trial and error. I've learned that unless I want stripes, dye patches should be 3" or less. Also, the teeny tiny speckles I've been trying to make are lovely on yarn but pretty impossible to see when knitted up.

self striping

I tried my hand at some self striping yarn. So far, not happy! The stripes are sometimes only one row tall. I have a third skein to try and I think I wound that one with my swift fully open so it should have larger repeats...but even so, I think I'll only have two rows of each color max.



So far my favorite dyeing experiment is color change yarn. These 10g minis make a really pretty transition from light to dark. I'm also using larger minis to transition from one color to another.





I love how they knit up! This is my favorite sock so far (it's hard to take pictures of socks on feet and I didn't feel like blocking them). I can see a lot more color change socks in my future! Next time, though, I'm going to make the heel a different color to keep the color change from breaking at the ankle.



I have a lot of minis still to knit up so I'm going to have to take a break from dyeing for a bit. After I finish another sock or two, I might dye up a full skein. Exciting! I'm still deciding on the color scheme...there are so many I want to try!


  1. ooh, I love the color changing yarn! that last sock is breathtaking.

    in my experience to make a true self striping yarn you either need a warping board or once i made some by winding around two chairs that were placed on opposite sides of a room. reskeining post-dyeing is the real nightmare.

  2. OH MY GOSH! These are all so pretty! I love how they look knitted up! Just amazing! I love seeing all your dyed yarn. It's all so beautiful! I haven't done much crocheting lately but when i see this, i want to make more squares! I love my yarn you sent me. I still need to send you some $! I totally forgot!!!

  3. wow,,, you have providing here amazing color combo of wool for knitting socks. combo of three or four colors look amazing. I am also a sock knitter and definitely knit light pink, dark pink and white colored combo socks. thanks for this amazing color combo idea.


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