More Yarn Dyeing!

yarn dyeing 13

yarn dyeing 14

yarn dyeing 15

yarn dyeing 16

It's official...I'm in LOVE with yarn dyeing! Unlike anything else I've ever tried, I love every single step in the process! I love winding a dozen skeins and piling them up, ready for a new adventure. I love picking colors, deciding what technique to use, how much water, how much dye. Going with my gut, trying to set aside (some) control, letting the dyes do what they will. The smell of hot wool, the cool morning air blowing through the window, ruffling the yarn that's hanging up to dry. Near the end I mix leftover dye together to create an entirely new color. Sometimes they mix well, sometimes they separate again once they hit the yarn creating colors that I didn't expect, sometimes there are accidental speckles. Intentional speckles remain elusive...but I keep trying new things.

It is all so very satisfying! So creative and new and exciting. It brings a sense of happiness and fulfillment during a time when I have not been feeling very happy. The end of winter, the beginning of a new spring. I can't wait to see what happens next!


  1. So pretty!!! I love seeing all your creations!!! It's almost like coloring eggs but WAY better! ;)


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