Knitting is Fun!




Oh my, how I LOVE knitting! I started a few projects this year and finished five. Not too bad! My favorite of the bunch was the Edith's Secret shawl that I gave to my friend Jen. It was from the Downton Abbey 2015 mystery knit along. As I worked on this throughout the year, I kept thinking that Jen would like it. So, I finished it up and set it aside for her Christmas gift this year.

I REALLY loved working on this shawl. I mean, the entire thing was just FUN. And as I knit, I realized that all my knitting projects should be fun. They should be pretty things made with pretty yarn. Yes, there will be some utilitarian things that I'll want to make and they might not be super pretty or super fun. But those kinds of projects shouldn't be all I think about when I knit. I want to have mostly good knitting thoughts, fun knitting thoughts.

So, this year my knitting goal is twofold: knit pretty things and try to use yarn in my stash. In order to actually do this, I have to start searching for patterns that will match stash yarn. I found a great pairing just today which I'll show you in a bit.

I also joined the Downton Abbey 2016 knit along which I will be starting shortly as well. I actually didn't have enough of any one color in my stash to do this knit along so I bought yarn. I don't feel bad because I really do want to join in on the final Downton Abbey knit along fun. It's the last season! Oh dear! Yarn should be arriving shortly and then I'm going to get started.

Such fun!!


  1. And I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! I showed my Aunts who are knitters as well, and they thought it was gorgeous. It just so happened, when I wore it for our date night, we ended up in Chicago and it was chilly out, so having it around my neck was perfect! I got complements on it from wait staff too! I absolutely LOVE the colors and truly it couldn't be more perfect for me! Gray and purple are my favorite and I wear so much gray and black that having this adds a pop of color! it's So pretty and thank you So much for such a beautiful, thoughtful gift! I will cherish it always!!

  2. This is gorgeous! Love the colors you've chosen.


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