2016: A Little Bit of a Plan

I've been thinking a bit more about my goals for this year. I have six (possibly seven) quilts that I most definitely want to make. These are gifts but they're also quilts I've wanted to make and give away for quite some time. It will take a huge weight off my shoulders to finish these. Two will be finished for gifting in February, four or five will be for the holidays this year.

For knitting, I have three shawls that I'd really love to make (Dotted Rays, Firebolt and the Downton Abbey MKAL 2016) and one wip I'd like to finish in time for fall (Follow Your Arrow II). Four shawls this year, that's totally do-able. One will for sure be for me and I might give the other three away depending on how much/little I fall in love with them.

First up in 2016, I frogged this:

happy half moon

and turned it into this:

dotted rays 2
Sorry for the bad picture, my needles are too short to stretch the whole thing out right now.)

I had wanted to show off this beautiful yarn by making a plain garter stitch shawl. But it turns out that my original idea was just too boring for this yarn. Now I'm knitting the Dotted Rays pattern by Stephen West. He's what I'd call an extreme knitter and his patterns and colors are WILD! And the more I thought about this yarn, I just knew that one of his patterns would be a great match.

I'm slowly going through my stash and my Ravelry library and pairing up patterns I'd like to make with yarn I already have (seems like an obvious plan but I only just thought of it...this whole "being deliberate" thing is just so foreign to me!). One combo that I'm particularly excited about is the Firebolt shawl worked up in a mint green-to-grey ombre yarn. It'll be my first time working with laceweight AND ombre...exciting!