The Skull Sampler Quilt

skull sampler6

The Skull Sampler is a very special quilt made for a very dear friend. I knew Karrie for a while before she started dating Mike. Right then, right away, we knew that Mike would be in our lives forever. And over ten years later, it's still true. Where Karrie goes, so goes Mike.

Mike has been a wonderful friend. When we all go out, I never feel like the third wheel...and neither does he. He's kind and generous and there's just not enough words to express my gratitude towards him over the years.

One of our favorite things to do is to watch movies at their house. We all sit on the couch, Karrie and I side by side with feet stretched out onto the ottoman, each of us curled up in our favorite quilt. And then there's Mike on the other end, all sad with no ottoman, no quilt. Until now!

skull sampler2

I call this the Skull Sampler quilt. It's a lovely mix of black and red and bats and skulls. There's gingham and woodgrain and hand quilting! The back is a soft, swirly dark grey flannel.

skull sampler5

skull sampler3

I know Mike will love it because he helped design it. He wanted "shapes", just like the blocks of my Modify Tradition quilt top. He also wanted a black background with red accents and skulls. I was more than happy to oblige! I mean, it's not every day you have an excuse to break out the skull fabrics.

I can't wait for our next movie night. We'll all be so warm and cozy!