vintage fabrics

moonrise kingdom5

Every time I buy fabric I think it'll be the last time. I look at my stash and I have SO MUCH FABRIC! I'll never use it all. I'm always excited to use my stash and I often challenge myself to use only stash fabrics in a quilt.

And then I get started and realize that I'm missing some critical fabric so I go shopping and buy another huge batch.


So, my latest purchase happened after I started my Moonrise Kingdom quilt. I wanted a vintage-y sashing but didn't have anything in my stash that would work. So, I bought a million Denyse Schmidt prints (a lot on sale at Hawthorne Threads) in hopes that one would work.

And the ones I bought that I wasn't expecting to work? Well, that was pure stash building. I'm super into vintage type fabrics right now and don't actually have all that many. And the ones I have, well, to be honest, I'm getting a little bored using them in every vintage inspired quilt I make. Plus, I have no plaids or gingham which I feel is important in getting the right vintage look.

Oh man, am I excited to use these in my next vintage-y quilt. As for Moonrise Kingdom, I'm pretty sure I'm going to use the Sparse Floral DS print for the sashing. Not sure which colorway yet.