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I spent a fair bit of time working on my Halloween Sparkling Cider quilt this weekend. I have all four of the large star blocks completed and two of the small star blocks. Just 14 blocks to go. All my fabric is cut and I've worked out fabric pairs for the small stars. I don't usually sew during the week but I think I can find enough time to make one small star block per night. That'll help lighten the load for the weekend when I hope to finish up the rest of the blocks. I might even be able to finish the top!

I also carved my first pumpkin of the year. My absolute favorite thing about pumpkin season is toasted pumpkin seeds. They are THE BEST!

Also, Ian and I took a break from our projects and saw The Martian. It was awesome and now I'm reading the book. So far a very fun and exciting October!


  1. that quilt is going to be AWESOME! I love it! Are you keeping it? I have yet to make a "holiday" quilt.

    I always lag on the pumpkin carving! We realize every single year ON Halloween night, "Oh…we forgot to care pumpkins!" Mom of the year! Elena LOVES pumpkin seeds too. I better get my act in gear this year!

    Great job on the jack-o-lantern too!

  2. carve not "care"…you know what I mean! ;)


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