October's Goals

I'm so happy it's October! I'm planning to savor every apple cider filled minute! Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday and this month I'm going to watch "scary" movies and carve pumpkins and maybe even throw a Halloween party. I thought it would be fun to request that people dress up as their favorite poem but Ian hated that idea. I thought it would be pleasantly Victorian-esque. No one dressed up as a sexy ANYTHING back then.

Oh well, there's still time to decide. For now, I'm really excited to share October's goals!

First, I would like to start and finish a Halloween themed Sparkling Cider quilt. I've had my eye on this quilt pattern for a long time and it was a pretty easy choice for a Halloween quilt.


I'd also like to weave a scarf for Ian that's similar to the one I made for my brother last year.


I also have a few stretch goals for October. Unless I get distracted by something more fun, these are the projects I want to work on this month once my quilt and Ian's scarf are finished.

First, I'd like to finish my Tubularity scarf. It's been pretty chilly for my morning walks and soon I'm going to need something light to cover my face and neck.


I'd also like to finish up my Moonrise Kingdom blocks (11 to go) and decide on a sashing.

moonrise kingdom4

Lastly, I'd like to continue the Halloween theme and paint one of my monster models. I've never really talked about them here and I've also never even finished one but maybe I'll feel like working on one this month. Actually, this would be a fun thing to work on when Ian and I watch the Viking's game each weekend. Usually I fall asleep.

So, that's it. I'm excited to get to work! I just finished washing all my Halloween fabrics last night and pulled out all by black/almost black yarn in preparation for today. Welcome October! I'm happy you're here!!