Vacation: Days 1-4

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I spent the first four days of my vacation working on my fest quilt. And I finished it!! I'm so in love with this quilt and it came together so quickly. Seven sewing days in total (at approximately 8-10 hours per day).

I was at a loss for how to quilt this. There aren't many seams so I didn't need to do dense quilting. But what overall pattern would "go" with the theme? I didn't feel like straight line quilting was quite right. I had settled on loops like my Lake quilt but I wasn't happy about it. Then, just before I started quilting I remembered this style of loopy quilting and knew it was the right choice.

I was scared that my loops would look bad but I went ahead anyway. And they went WAY better than expected. It was a more natural movement than the other style of loops. Not every loop is consistent but that's what I like about quilting on a home machine. I like the personality and texture that is created.

I don't have finished quilt pictures but I found the perfect place for the photo shoot so I'll put them up next week.

And in case you're interested, I found a picture of me wearing the Renaissance Festival dress I made back in 2002 (or 03?). The photo is from 2006 when I was just a lass of 25. What fun times I had in that dress!

Ren2006 (368)
Photo © Scott Miron 2006


  1. Love this fabric and the pattern. Great job! Love the dress too.

  2. I love that dress. I still can't get over that you made it!

    And the colors and design of that quilt are amazing!


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