Greetings from Sacramento!




lake quilt

loopy quilting

Ian and I just got back from a trip to California. The only pictures I managed to take were of a forest fire from the airplane and a really cool coffee shop. I want my someday kitchen/dining room to look like that coffee was perfection! I loved the old-timey height adjustable stools and now have some ideas for a dual height know, for someday.

The reason I didn't take any other photos: it was freaking HOT there! Like, 104 degrees hot! We went to an outdoor play one evening and played a lot of "Dazzleball" with Ian's 3 year old niece but that was pretty much it for outdoor activities.

We spent lots of time with his parents and sister and talked and talked and there was some eating (omg, produce in California is awesome!). It was a lovely trip!

When we got home, I worked very hard to finish up a few quilts. I'll have a few to show you later this week. I'm actually making progress on my to-do list and I'm not feeling overwhelmed anymore. This is usually when I start to slack off, though, so I must try to keep up the good work. More soon!