Too Much!



tika masala






There is too much to do! And it's much too hot to want to do anything. I have thank you gifts to make and Orphan Block tops to plan and sew. I have four quilt tops to quilt...three (ideally) before the summer is over and one by the end of November. I have to start/finish a quilt for a christmas gift. I have to finish knitting a hat for Ian before it gets cold and finish another knitted thing and two woven things in time for christmas. Since I haven't put them away yet, I want to start a quilt with my birthday fabrics...possibly a Swoon or Swoon 16? And in September I want to make a Fly the Flag quilt with my Castle Peeps fabric.

Instead of working on any of this, I finished my Winterwoods sampler and immediately started stitching Pretty Little London by Satsuma Street. I've also been knitting so I haven't been totally slacking off...but I have been slacking off a lot.

Oh dear...I feel so excited to finish these things but everything takes time. And there doesn't seem to be enough time, especially when it's too hot to sew. I'm trying not to panic. I'm making a list. I'm taking it one thing at a time. It's all fun stuff...I just need to focus and prioritize. I wonder if I can get all this done by the end of the year. Sounds like a fun challenge!


  1. congrats on completing your winterwoods! and i hear you on it being too hot. the heat finally arrived here and i want to just lie in bed under the fan and not move.

  2. Lovely photos...... the food looks fantastic, and the fabric is so pretty! What is it? (Referring to both the food and the fabric) :) We are enjoying a little break from the heat here in Iowa, I'll bet you are too.

  3. I always get distracted when I buy new fabric - I just want to jump in and start working with it - I have two baby quilts to make, then I can get back to the quilts I cut out when my machine was in the shop - have seven projects there, so am trying to ignore my recent purchases.


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