The Orphan Block Project: Sara's Blocks

Today's orphan blocks are from my friend Sara. Sara likes all the things: quilting, cross-stitching, spinning yarn, knitting and answering my endless knitting questions (I hope). She's just started a podcast on her blog: knottygnome crafts.

Sara also makes bags and handspun yarn and sells them in her shop. I can personally recommend the project bags and her handspun yarn. I'm in the process of picking out shawl patterns that will show off two beautiful skeins I bough from her a while back...and then I'll use her project bags to hold my projects. It will be so awesome!

Anyway, Sara sent some really great orphan blocks...

A pinwheel:
sara block

Clamshell (made with Drunkards Path blocks):
sara block2

Color coordinated scrappy log cabins:
sara block3

And the start of a medallion quilt:
sara block6

sara block5

Don't you just love that last's like 7 blocks in one! Thanks Sara!

Now that I have a larger group of blocks, I'm ready to start scheming up my second orphan block quilt. Sara's blocks are very bright and go well with my own blocks and several others that I've received. I'd like to combine all these blocks into one scrappy, busy, wonderfully bright quilt with lots of negative space and low volume prints. I'm going to check out flickr for some inspiration. I'll keep you posted!


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