The Orphan Block Project: Amy's Blocks

Today's orphan blocks are from Amy. Amy sent me some blocks and then found more the next day...and then sent those too! And also a roll of washi tape. I'm probably the only person in blogland who DOESN'T have washi tape, but now I do!

Amy loves making scrappy quilts, as you can see!

amy blocks

amy blocks2

amy blocks3

I really like the pattern that the first blocks make...I'm thinking that there might be a way to arrange them into a sort of star layout...or something. Not really sure yet. The orange/pink/green blocks will probably go in the "bright" quilt. Thanks Amy!!

I've been decluttering for the past two weeks and haven't been sewing at all. I finished the bedroom and have started in the studio. I want to completely finish the studio before I start sewing again. It's going to feel so good once everything has a home.

So, this project is on just a tiny bit of a hold until I finish, hopefully tomorrow. Then Sunday can be for sewing! I miss it!


  1. Boy you take great pictures! Those blocks didn't look that good at my house. :) Can't wait to see what you do. Hoping to see pictures of your new sewing space too.

    1. Haha...that's funny! I think they look great and I'm excited to try out the star idea. :)


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