The Orphan Block Project: Generosity


When I'm feeling sad or overwhelmed, there are two things that consistently help me feel better: give generously and appreciate the generosity of others.

I know it sounds sappy but it's true. I'm not the only one to know's a real thing!

We all feel overwhelmed, sad, alone, not good enough, listless, discouraged...and I'm telling you, generosity will help with all these things. The moment you start thinking of others, of giving (time, money, support, items, anything!), you stop focusing on yourself, your hardships and faults. Your world gets a little bigger, you gain perspective. Suddenly your troubles are not so overwhelming. You're not quite so hard on yourself.

Generosity alone can't fix everything, but it can change how you feel about your circumstances, how you feel about yourself. And it can change the lives of other people in very real and important ways.

And when people act generously towards us, and we accept their generosity, our lives can change in real and important ways.

I have been both sad and overwhelmed lately. And I wanted to do something about it (although wallowing for a while did feel nice...for a while). And so I turned to you, my lovely friends in blogland. And I asked for your help, for your generosity. I asked if you would send me your orphan blocks and you said yes.

The blocks I've received so far are beautiful and unique. Each block has patched up a tiny part of myself that I couldn't fix for myself. That is the true magic of generosity!

I'm just getting started on ideas for these quilts. Each block inspires me differently and I'm going to let them lead me to a design. Once finished, I would like to pass these quilts along to someone who will love them and appreciate give them generously with an open heart. A patchwork quilt for someone who needs a little patching up.

I'm still accepting orphan blocks so if you have any you can spare, comment or email me and I'll let you know where you can send them. Also, if you don't have any orphan blocks but you would like to make blocks to send, that would be awesome too.

I'll start sharing the blocks I've received tomorrow. This is going to be fun. And again, thank you!


  1. Would love to send my orphans. Please let me know where to

  2. I've got more than a few orphans, all different, let me know where to send them! Just can't throw them away!


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