Pink Snow









I've been inspired by my friend Sara to take up crochet again. It's been years since I picked up a hook. What could tempt me back into it? Granny hexagons, of course!

Every time I finish a hexagon and crochet it to the rest, I run over to show Ian...and every time he just glances at it and asks me what I'm making. Not how pretty it is or how he can't even begin to fathom how I'm able to create such loveliness with just my two delicate hands, not how much he admires my skill and creativity and my amazing ability to combine colors. I mean, maybe (probably) he's thinking those things but that's not what comes out of his mouth.

So, to answer his question, I'm actually not sure what I'm making. I guess that depends on how many hexagons I feel like crocheting. Ideally, I would like to stick with this until I have something that's a useful size...either a wrap or small blanket. But perhaps I'll end up with a pillow cover. Who knows.

The mornings have been beautiful lately and there are flower petals caught in the wind. It looks like pink snow.

Since finishing the Liberty top, I'm in search of another half-finished project to work on. In digging through my bins I found a whole stack of Parisville squares. I have a pattern in mind and I'm already planning it out on the design wall. This is going to be a fun one!


  1. lovely hexies! you're way ahead of me. you'll have enough for a blanket in no time.


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