Liberty Weekend




One Liberty top is finished! This one measures 64" x 80". Once you get going, these 4-patches go together pretty quickly. The pattern is based on my great grandmother's quilt.

Thank you for your ideas for backing. I ended up buying a beautiful cotton lawn from Hawthorne Threads. It's Robert Kaufman, Lennox Gardens, Royal Floral in Rose and also in Sunrise. I like how it's Liberty-esque but is a much larger print and is a third the cost of Liberty. It also feels almost like Liberty, nice and light and soft.

One thing I want to share about sewing with Liberty tana lawn: you need really sharp needles. I think I went through at least a dozen while sewing this top (I use size 11 for piecing). Maybe that's a normal amount for some if it is, be prepared to use two dozen.

Thanks to this quilt, I burned through the last few packs of the needles I bought when I bought my machine...what, 4 years ago? And now that I need to buy new ones, I'm shocked to find that they cost, like, $1 a piece! Who knew?! Thankfully the website where I bought my sewing machine sells 100 Organ needles for $30. So, I'm pretty much set for a while...which is good because I have to finish up one more Liberty 4-patch top and quilt them both. Maybe I should have bought 200?


  1. I buy my needles on amazon. a pack of 100 is less than $11.


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