A Little Blue







Do you guys get a little blue in the summer? Like, people get SAD during the winter...I'm pretty sure I get it in the summer. All that sun and heat and people telling me I should get out and enjoy the weather when all I want to do is stay inside and sew...it's all too much.

With the little energy I can muster, Ian and I have been having friends over every other Friday (which is great because actual house cleaning HAS to happen). And we went to see a few plays at the Guthrie (that's where the above photos are from). And I've been quilting a lot, the restless kind where I flit from project to project and then feel bad about not finishing anything.

But it's not really so bad. I'm just a little blue.


  1. I'm EXACTLY the same. I mourn a little as I put away my socks and jeans and long-sleeved shirts. And it doesn't even get that warm here! I've often said I feel like I come alive in the fall when the cool temperatures return. I hibernate in summer, waiting until I can enjoy being outside again.


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