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I finished THREE quilts this weekend! One was for a very dear friend and the other two are for me. First, the ones for ME!

I was inspired a month ago to make a small quilt to use out on the balcony. It's a bit chilly in the mornings here (and, well, entire days are still chilly sometimes) and it would be so nice to have a lovely quilt for just such occasions.

One balcony quilt was inspired by a stack of Anna Maria Horner velvet and Denyse Schmidt corduroy that I bought a long time ago. One day I just really felt the need to use it up. So I cut the biggest squares I could and sewed them all together into a quilt top.

This was my first time sewing velvet and corduroy. I will say two things about it: they shifted a bit while sewing but not as much as I imagined they would. And two: they are so, so soft and drapey and I LOVE it. Both fabrics feel like velvety flower petals!

To keep this quilt as drapey and soft as possible, I skipped the batting and backed it with flannel. I also used cotton voile for binding. Right now, I feel like this is my favorite quilt to date. The prints, the texture, the's all just so perfect!

You've already seen progress pictures of the second quilt. It's made with scraps of Flea Market Fancy and other Denyse Schmidt prints and Kona snow, backed in a soft yellow gingham. Bright, pretty, simple, perfection!

I'm so excited to have TWO balcony quilts to offer to visitors during our balcony parties or to use myself on chilly mornings and evenings. Turns out life if pretty great when you can pair a balcony with a quilt.


  1. ooh that patchwork quilt looks so lush and well, velvety. love both the quilts but especially the first one! I've been itching to do some simple patchwork again lately.

  2. I LOVE both of them and that velvet one is to die for!! It's absolutely GORGEOUS, Crystal! And it's good to know about the drape being good. I have the velvet AMH to back my king quilt for our bed (when I ever get to it!) It's so so pretty!!

  3. Lovely stuff, especially the AMH. I might need to get some velvets and corduroy...... :)


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