Kind of Springtime

sparkling diamond1

sparkling diamond2



sparkling diamond3

sparkling diamond4

sparkling diamond5

More quilting, more cats lying on quilts that are for people who are allergic to cats. Sorry Jen.

You can tell it's starting to be springtime because Ian is starting to make delicious foods for no reason. It's slowly becoming fun to cook things again...things with fresh vegetables, bright colors and light, delicate tastes. It's happening, people!


  1. Beautiful quilt, and whatever is in that jar looks quite interesting!

    1. Thank you! I'm excited to finish this quilt. It's my first time doing "echo" quilting and I think I like it!

      Also, that's Ian's homemade tzatziki before stirring. It is so GOOD!!

  2. HAHA! Sorry I'm just now seeing this! I've been out of town all week at my dad's! I LOVE IT! Cat hair and all!! I can't wait to see it! You may have sent it and it could be waiting for me at my neighbors. I'm picking up my mail tomorrow. Or I'll be getting it soon, I suppose and I'm SUPER excited! Can you tell!?!?!?!


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