Cottage in the Woods





Ian and I went up north to visit my parents this weekend. While I was there, I found this quilt in my bedroom closet. Both of my great grandmas quilted but no one knows who made this one. I wish I knew.

Whoever it is made some interesting quilting decisions. Like, there are two different sized rectangles here...alternating rows of almost square rectangles and slightly thinner rectangles. Why cut just barely different sized rectangles? Or this quilt that uses a different shade of green on one end (I assume to make the quilt longer) but then cuts off the side squares in a weird spot (and also sort of crookedly).

The same fabrics appear in both quilts so I'm pretty sure they were made by the same person. But who? I guess I won't ever know and it's not like I can ask them why they made these decisions anyway.

So, back to the quilt. Isn't it so ugly/pretty? I remember looking at these fabrics as a kid, fascinated by all the different prints. I loved the riotous mash of colors and patterns. My mom used to look at this quilt when SHE was a kid and tried to find all the squares that were cut from her old pajamas.

I'd love to make a quilt like this for my own little (someday) cottage in the woods. I'm going through my scrap bins and cutting one or two 4.5" squares from any piece that's big enough. I'll need about 500 squares to make this big enough for our bed.

In other "someday cottage in the woods" news, I just framed up this darling print from my most favorite artist, Emily W. Martin. This one is called "In the Spring, She Married a Bear".


  1. I love the quilt! I love that it's so old and all different fabrics. I think it looks really neat!


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