There are things in life that are as rare and as special as a unicorn. They are different things for different people...and mine is a bag that I didn't have to make. Oh how I love bags but loathe making them!

I swapped some mini skeins with my friend Sara at KnottyGnome and in addition to the minis and a beautiful handspun rainbow! skein I purchased, she sent along one of her gorgeous project bags. When I pulled this out of the envelope, I immediately ran to the living room where Ian was napping, woke him up and yelled in his face "OMG, she made me a bag and it's perfect and it has a BEE on it!" He was duly impressed.

This bag holds a lot! I'm so looking forward to using this as my project bag for the Follow Your Arrow 2 knit-along that Sara and I are starting this April. It'll make it all that much more fun!

My wrists are feeling awesome after almost two months of no knitting or weaving. It's going to be hard to not immediately overdo it once I start again in April. But if I want to avoid injury again, I'm going to have to take it slow. At least I'm still enjoying quilting so I can switch things up when I need to take a break. More quilting updates later this week...I got a lot done this weekend!


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