To All The Quilts I've Loved Before

I've been thinking about past loves. Not boyfriends but quilts. You know the quilts I mean: the ones you can't stop thinking about, the ones you plot and plan for days, filled with the knowledge that you will love it as your favorite quilt forever and ever. The ones where you will finally use your very best, most special fabrics...because this is true love!

You know, the ones that start with a bang and end in tears, heartache or, the saddest of all: a general growing apart and eventual fading away. Hopes and dreams dashed, cold reality seeps in and you are alone yet again without a quilt to cry on.

But then, a new glimmer of hope...a new love begins to grow, this time it will be forever and ever, this time it really IS true love!

Oh yes, we have all known that heartache! We have all been there before and will be there again.

There have been so many loves! Remember my on and off again relationship with Grandmother's Flower Garden quilts? How we start off hot and heavy, all passion and then we fight and break up...only to feel the pull a few months later and start the rollercoaster all over again. We try a new ruler, a new sewing technique...but we are never truly right for each other, we can't make it work. And yet we can't stay apart. When will we stop hurting each other?

Or the Dresden Plate quilt I started and then abandoned as soon as I realized how needy those plates can be. But oh what a time we had! How we made such plans for the future! What a bittersweet ending to our brief love story!

Oh yes, I've had my share of loves that were not to be. But love them I did! And enough time has passed that I can look back on these relationships and smile. I remember the good times we had: the days we spent picking out just the right fabrics and planning just the right layout, the hours upon hours of sewing and thinking about the future photo sessions we'd have at the park or the art museum or that one brick wall we've always liked. We may not have had forever but at least we had that.

And so, it is in the spirit of celebrating these bittersweet memories that I present to you my newest quilt idea:

A Sampler Quilt

It is the best way I can think of to honor all the quilts I've loved before. Stay tuned for more information and plans. This is going to be fun!


  1. I use the quilt you made every single day and absolutely love it. And every person who comes into my house comments on how gorgeous it is. :)


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