Extra-Cat Hearts Quilting






My dad commented the other day that I have a lot of pictures of the cats on my blog. That is certainly very true. I'd like you all to know, though, that it's less that I'm obsessed with the cats and more that Extra-cat is obsessed with my sewing room. She's always in there. She's always walking on all my things. She wakes up from a dead sleep in another room as soon as she hears the camera. I get, like, one picture before there's a cat leg or head or tail in my picture. The studio doesn't have a door so I can't even lock her out. So, rather than fight it, I embrace it.

As you can see, I'm back to sewing! I spent the entire day on Friday pulling strips out of my scrap bins and sewing them into log cabin blocks. I've wanted to make a quilt as you go quilt for a long, long time. (Here are a few of my inspiration quilts!)

The blocks are all approximately 12.75" and the batting squares are 13". Once quilted, I'll trim everything down to 12.5" and start assembling the quilt (tutorial). The goal of this project (aside from making an awesome quilt) is to put a significant dent in my batting scrap stash. I love zig-zagging batting scraps together, using up every bit of batting and turning them into something useful again.

This will be a long term project (sigh...what ISN'T, right?) so stay tuned!


  1. Cat do love fabric, I find my own cat sleeping on minds all the time until I had to start putting covers over the fabric so I did not have to wash it again or try to get the cat hair off it. I would like to hit the old scrap bucket I have, but it might take some time. Have fun quilt and home you come up for air and let us know you are still working at it.

    1. I put all my projects into bins so they don't get covered with cat hair...but when I'm actually sewing something, there's not much I can do. Definitely pull out your scrap bin! It was so much fun working with some of my old and favorite prints. It'll make you feel good!


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