A Fruitful Weekend








This weekend was super fun! I basically quilted and bound everything I could find that needed quilting or binding. I finished two quilts, one two years in the making and one three years.

It was actually the first time I've used my new machine to bind anything. I'd gotten really good at binding using my old machine and was scared to try it with the new machine. And yet, I was too excited about my new machine to use my old one just for binding. So I just didn't bind anything for a few years. Because that makes sense, right?

So, this weekend I finally just did it and didn't think too much about it and it worked just fine. I attached the binding to the back first and then machine stitched it on the front.

When that was done, I actually pulled out my old machine to sew up some batting scraps. I sew them together with a zig-zag stitch which my Juki doesn't do. Boy am I happy I don't sew on that machine anymore. It's fine but it's slow and noisy and flimsy...my Juki is so, so much nicer! I ended up making about 50 batting squares for my quilt-as-you-go quilt.

That quilt is turning out to be so much fun! I'm quilting through each log which makes a square spiral...something I would not have attempted with a regular quilt. For the backs of each block, I'm digging through my stash to find my most neglected fabrics. You know the ones...even though you like them, they never seem to get used in a quilt.

I also did a lot of cleaning and organizing in the studio. Not that you can really tell right now. It's in that stage where it looks messy but is actually very close to being finished. I'm going to donate a chair and footstool that do nothing but collect all the stuff I don't feel like putting away. Once they're gone, I anticipate the room will stay much cleaner. Or I'll just start putting the stuff on the floor. One can never really know.


  1. Great finishies make you happy. I really like the quilt as you go project, I have to start one of those soon.

    1. Yes! I am SO happy to finish up two huge quilts! And thank you...I hope you start one soon. It's so fun!!


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