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A few weekends ago, I pulled one of my design walls down and blocked some finished shawls. The first is from a pattern called Multnomah. I've named this shawl "Dearest Jane" because my dearest friend Jane spun the yarn just for me.

I just feel so very special looking at this beautiful shawl, knowing that she picked out the most "Crystal" colors she could find and spun up yards and yards of it for me. I wanted to pick a very special pattern that would show off the colors to their best advantage and I think Multnomah did that beautifully.

I've been wearing this shawl when I knit my Downton shawl early on Sunday mornings. It's light and fluffy and soft and everything wonderful. Thank you, my lovely Jane! This shawl is one of my greatest treasures!

The second shawl is from a really neat pattern called Follow Your Arrow. You can make 32 different shawls using different combinations of the clues. My friend Sara bought me the pattern for my birthday and I was so, so excited! Part of the reason I love this pattern so much is because there were so many new things I learned while knitting it. Short rows, lace, knit-on was all so new and so fun!

The yarn I picked for this shawl was originally going to be a sweater but let's face it...I'm probably never going to actually make a sweater. And that's okay, because I LOVE this color combination and was so excited to use it for this shawl.

I'm not sure if I'll keep this one or not. I love it but a friend of mine saw it and practically begged me to let him buy it for his wife. I'll probably end up giving it to him and then making another version of this shawl using the opposite clues. Which will be even better because it's the exact version that Sara made!

And also, just so you know...there's a Follow Your Arrow 2 pattern out now! It's still in the "mystery knit-along" phase meaning you can't get the entire pattern yet, but the first two clues are out. I bought a copy for me and for Sara and since neither of us have time to knit it now, we're planning our own FYA2 knit along this spring. It's going to be such fun!!

Oh man, I love knitting so much! I wish I had more time to knit and I wish my wrists didn't start to hurt after just a few minutes. This knitting break will be good for me but still...I want to knit so much! Sigh...I will try to try to be patient.


  1. both of your shawls are just stunning! i love the colors in your handspun shawl and how wonderful that someone wants to buy FYA off your back. it will be fun to do our own KAL for sure. rest those wrists!


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