A REAL Knitter!





For the first time since I started knitting, I finally feel like a REAL knitter! I've finally finished my first Cladoina Shawl. I fell in love with this pattern at first sight and it was a complete joy to knit. I absolutely love those stripes and that lace and picot edge. I can't get enough of this pattern!

Blocking is amazing...it turned a rumpled blob of knitting into a beautiful spider web of shapes and colors. I tried my Inspinknity Blocking Wires for the first time and they were awesome! I bought the premium and ultra fine wires and I highly recommend both.

I knit this shawl for my sister in law and gave it to her over Thanksgiving. She's lovely and beautiful and tiny and the shawl was a perfect fit for her. I'm excited to make one for me someday...but I need to figure out how to make it a bit larger first.

Anyway, I love how knitting this shawl made me feel. I knit stripes and lace and a picot edging, even though I didn't know how to do any of that before I started. I used the softest, prettiest yarn, the very first hand-dyed yarn I ever bought, actually. (As you can see, I never did get around to making the handwarmers I was so excited about at the time). I made (what I feel is) a truly beautiful piece of clothing and I did it all with my own two hands!

I have a few other knitting/weaving projects to show you and I can't wait. I'm actually finishing things here people!


  1. That's gorgeous, Crystal! You are far beyond a real knitter; you're a really fantastic one!

  2. Wow, that is beautiful! Great job. I'll bet your sister-in-law loved it.

  3. Lucky sister-in-law! your lace looks absolutely gorgeous. congratulations!


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