Use It Up



kathi sock

It's fall time...okay, not quite fall time outside...but in my heart, autumn is here already.

At this time every year, I feel like starting over. I want to use things up, clear things out. I want to finish old projects or turn no longer loved projects into new projects.

I'm tearing through my yarn stash with all the weaving...going on 11 skeins! Each scarf takes a skein or two, depending on the size (both the scarf and the skein). The leftovers, adorable tiny balls of color, pile up and when I have enough, they will become scarves or other things, knitted, woven...who knows right now.

I'm working on holiday and birthday gifts but that's just not enough. I want to keep making more things.

What do you do when you've made too many things? Do you keep them, give them away, sell them? After the holidays I'm planning to do some major inventory and finishing up of long neglected projects. I might have a giveaway or a sale to help things go to a home where they are loved. I might donate some things. I haven't really decided yet.

All I know is that I want to keep-on making stuff and I can't keep it all. Sad!


  1. I've always loved that paint by numbers deer print. i have a bunch myself but have yet to cut into it.

    keep it, give it away, sell it--i do it all. i think for me it's more about the process at this point and i care less about what happens after something is finished.


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