Alone Time








extra cat4


Ian was out of town this weekend so I spent a lot of time hanging out with the cats in our one air-conditioned room. Also, there was rollerskating and ice cream eating. And also some bookclubbing (The Book Thief...up next is Turn Here Sweet Corn) and mozzarella sampling. There was reading (The Borrowers: Afloat and Aloft) and tiny tomato picking.

And also there was purple sewing. I assume, by now, that my dislike of purple is a well known fact. Oh my do I hate purple! But not purple flowers or, actually, the only purple things I like are flowers.

I'm feeling very "use it up!" these days and felt inspired to cut up every last bit of purple fabric in my stash. I had enough to make blocks and binding for two quilts. I plan on donating these to Wrap Them in Love.

Extra-Cat was extra excited to see my ironing table in the living room where the air-conditioner lives! She rolled around on it until she rolled right off the side. Just another normal sewing day at our house.

P.S. If I ever send you something made of fabric, it will most likely have been rolled on by the Extra-Cat...sorry in advance...