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These past few weeks have been flying by! Germany won the World Cup which was awesome! I love my baby lions and I'm so happy they did well.

Without soccer engagements every weekend, I'm feeling at a bit of a loss as to how to spend my time. Just in the past month, I've read The Borrowers and The Borrowers Afield, The Book Thief (so good!), The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4 (so funny!) and I'm currently reading the first of the Maisie Dobbs Mysteries books (like Downton Abbey but with mysteries!). I've also embroidered a few quilt blocks...just 6 left and then I can finish sewing the blocks together.

In the past two weeks, Ian and I have been to two Shakespeare plays, both performed by Shakespeare & Company. They perform at the outdoor stage at Century College not too far outside the city. People bring blankets, chairs, children, dogs, picnic baskets and bug spray. Ian and I always pack a huge assortment of breads, spreads, fruit and everything wonderful. We love the casual, welcoming environment and have thoroughly enjoyed each and every play we've seen over the years. Next weekend we're going to see Molière's: The Bourgeois Gentleman with our friends Karrie and Mike. We're planning a French-themed picnic!

For my birthday I received the Follow Your Arrow shawl pattern from my lovely friend Sara. The thing I love most about this shawl is that it's a choose your own adventure pattern with 32 possible combinations. I also love that shawls starting with different clues turn out so differently. I was originally going to knit the half circle style like Sara's but after looking at everyone's finished shawls, I've slowly become obsessed with the asymmetrical wedge version. It's totally not my style but I'm drawn to it anyway. Plus, I already had the perfect yarn...originally chosen for a sweater but you know how these things go.


  1. awesome! love the colors you picked for your shawl. i hope to make a stripey version someday too.


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