World Cup Weekend







It was a three day weekend for me and Ian and I spent pretty much all of it watching soccer. We saw the Italy v. Costa Rica game at Merlin's Rest, a pub a little ways from our house. They have a nice screen they pull down for games. We drank cider and ate things with curry on them!

In between games I sewed some flags for my someday flag quilt. So far, so good. My favorite is probably Côte d'Ivoire (bottom left) because of that great green on white print I found at the fabric store this weekend. I put in another order to Hawthorne Threads, this time for white on white fabrics. I don't really want to have any solid white in the blocks since I'm planning white sashing.

Last night Ian and I went to the Riverview Theater to watch the USA v. Portugal game. What a heartbreaker! It was so exciting to be in a packed theater eating popcorn and watching the game. And it was a good game and we tied and we're not out yet...but still. If only the game had ended one minute earlier! The best part of the whole game (aside from our two goals) was when Cristiano Ronaldo
was pouting. Which was pretty much the entire game. adorable...


  1. love seeing your stash. you have a lot of my old favorites like the katie jump rope yellow ribbons and the red letter day pearl bracelets. those are long gone from my stash. it's a trip down memory lane!


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