Crabapple Week!

Last week was crabapple week in my neighborhood. Every tree was overflowing with delicious petals of every shade of pink.


When we moved to the city last summer, I was devastated to leave behind our crabapple trees, our lilacs and our lily of the valley grove. Our new place would not have such beauties. I would no longer be able to press my face to their delicate blooms and take in the sweet scent of spring and childhood memories.


Little did I know that, come spring, my new neighborhood would be filled with all of the precious plants I left behind. And not just those...each day brings new blooms, some I've always admired and some that have become new favorites.


Each morning as I walk, I smell scents both familiar and new. Today there was a miniature lilac tree in bloom. It smelled like regular lilacs but with a hint of a dusty attic filled with sunshine. I don't know quite how else to describe it.


I realize now that I didn't just lose a few trees...I gained an entire garden. And even though it is not technically mine, it is no less mine to enjoy.


And enjoy I will...and I hope you do too.