A Grand Old Time

Living in the city is great fun. This weekend it was Grand Old Day...a once a year shutting down of Grand Ave. in St. Paul to allow for a parade and general shopping/eating/enjoying of concerts and the like.


Those who know me know I don't particularly like that sort of thing. So, instead of venturing out into the crowds, I invited some friends over to have lunch on our balcony. We could sort of hear the concerts and watch people walking past our house on their way to Grand Ave.

(chickpea salad based on recipe here)

We ate Ian's most delicious cold salads and drank the most delicious wine and talked for hours.


To go with our new Ikea ÄPPLARÖ couch and table, I made a throw pillow and tablecloth using a cheery yellow gingham from Kokka Fabrics (purchased from Purl Soho).

(carrot salad recipe here)

I'm pretty much obsessed with all things gingham...and surprisingly all things yellow! I've never been a yellow person but I feel that maybe, now I am. I bought a little extra because I just have to make some yellow gingham pillowcases.

So, anyway, back to living in the city. While I don't always want to participate in the exciting things the city has to offer, I do really love being near them. It is my way.

Stay tuned for more summer projects and meals out on the balcony. Actually, this just may turn into an all balcony blog for a while. I hope you don't mind...I promise there will be sewing and embroidering and knitting in addition to all the eating and wine drinking. Before the wine drinking, of course. Obviously...