My Tubularity scarf is coming along nicely. It was so fun to wake up every morning this past weekend knowing this beautiful yarn was waiting for me.

(Check out the sweet mug I got from Eat.Sleep.Knit for participating in the yarnathon. It's literally the only -athon I'm ever going to run. I'm on team Stitchosaurs!)

My goal for the weekend was to at least finish the first color (Coquette) and start the second (Posy). I knit like crazy for two days until my hands were too tired to knit another stitch.

And I really, really love how it's turning out! The only thing I don't like is that my gauge is off and it's knitting up skinnier than the pattern. I could have added more stitches to make it wider but I was worried that it would stretch when I block it and then it would be too wide.


Unlike anything creative I've ever done in my entire life, when it comes to knitting, I'm pretty laissez-faire. I can't possibly anticipate what the yarn will do when it's knit up until I get more experience...so I'll just knit it up and see what happens. If it's too small after blocking and if I feel like it would be better with a few alterations, I can just make another one. No big deal.

I'm looking forward to more knitting this weekend...I have a long way to go until the next color but I'm already excited! Rose is next!