Preparing for Winter

I learned a lot about walking in cold weather this year. Like, always check the wind-chill, not just the temperature. And don't wear mascara unless you want to look like the Joker when you get to work.

I also learned a bit more about what to wear, what items worked well and what could be improved. One item I found I was missing was a mid-weight scarf or cowl for the not-quite-so-frigid days.

Before I could even start a Ravelry search, I found the perfect scarf on Amanda's blog. It's called Tubularity and it can be worn as a scarf, cowl or hood. We've had 50 degree temperature shifts over the course of one day flexibility is definitely a plus.

I was also inspired by Amanda's color scheme in the second to last picture...that plumy magenta into grey into honey. Honey! I had planned to just use stash yarn but I could not get this combination out of my head. Very soon after, lots of pink and grey Madelinetosh sock yarn arrived in the mail and I quickly came up with an Extra-cat approved arrangement of colors.

Extra-cat is saying "I'm just going to touch this yarn a little, okay? I'm not going to bite it at all but I'm only going to touch it a little bit. Is that okay?

I just want to eat this yarn! We have Coquette, Posy, Rose, Onyx, Tern, Candlewick and Astrid Grey.

Even though I love the yellow mixed with the pink and grey, a little voice in my head is still saying "but yellow doesn't GO with pink." But it does and I like it and if this was a quilt, I wouldn't think twice about putting all these colors together. It's odd, this knitting thing. Yarn is a medium that I'm just not comfortable with yet. But I'm trying and someday I hope to be as confident with yarn as I am with fabric. For now, though, I have many wonderful people to turn to for knitted inspiration.


  1. beautiful color combo! i love the pop of yellow. i think it was an inspired choice.


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