Grey-Green Days

There has been lots of knitting going on in our little house. A plethora of kitty toes and feather and fan borders.


And a hat for Ian that is taking very long but will be very warm.

The Boyfriend Hat

And a new shawl from the softest yarn and the loveliest pattern with the prettiest lace.


I've spent many, many hours in our little living room, conveniently within talking distance of Ian's office. A million times I say "Oh, Ian! Just look how big this shawl is getting! Look at these colors! OMG, something really scary just happened on The Walking Dead! Oh, I'll never get to sleep tonight! OMG, this show is so good. And scary! Just look at how big my shawl is NOW!" And so on.

living room2

But since the weather has changed from snow to rain, from white to grey-green, I've felt a tiny pull from the direction of the studio.

sewing room
(All those chips on my sewing table were for a party, you guys...a party! I don't normally have mounds of chips in my sewing room, I swear!)

The downside is that the studio is very far away from Ian's sympathetic ear. True, it is still within shouting distance but that would be rude and I'd never do that. No, that is something I would not do. The upside is that the studio is much closer to my beautiful fabrics which I have just, (like, two days ago) started noticing again. I hope this newfound excitement for sewing results in more frequent posting here on my much neglected blog. I have so many ideas swirling around. I don't know which one will settle first but I already can't wait to show you!


  1. You are so funny, Crystal. I miss you guys. (Eat some chips for me.)

  2. Your sewing studio looks fabulous!


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